Sodium Ion Treatment Induces Regrowth Of Damaged Tissue


A study reported in the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that a treatment whereby sodium ions are introduced into damaged tissue can induce the regrowth of nerves and muscle in that damaged tissue.

In the study led by Michael Levin at Tufts University, young tadpoles with missing (amputated) tails had the complete regrowth of their tails induced by the treatment; the regrown tails were healthy, and the treatment did not induce any abnormal growths; also, the regrowth of a tadpole’s tail could be induced up to eighteen hours post-amputation, when scar tissue had already begun to form or formed over wound.

Significantly, tadpole tails are complex organs containing eg. spinal cord as well as muscle and other tissue, and Humans regenerate missing tissue in a similar manner to tadpoles.

Source: New treatment may help regrow damaged muscles – Works even after injury has healed [Yahoo! Lifestyle, 29th September 2010]


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