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I’ve just received my certificate – of Highest Distinction – for Introduction to Programming : Problem Solving with Java (CS046).

Ludum Dare 27


Ludum Dare 27 has begun; the theme is “10 Seconds”.

I recently participated in the Contest Coding Cup 2013 organised by Lewis Cornwall, being amongst the six (out of fourteen) participants to progress to the final round, in which I achieved a rank of 6th. As submissions of solutions to that contest are now closed, I’m posting here the solutions I submitted to that contest. […]

In the twelve months from March 2013 to March 2014, I programmed solutions to the problems posted on the Contest Coding blog run by Lewis Cornwall, solving 33 problems (out of 47) and achieving a position of 4th on the leaderboard (out of 23). As that blog has now been discontinued, I’m posting here the […]